black widow


the shadow of the antenna falls through the roof window into the attic, into the mysterious, messy nest of our love. wooden fringe dividing the shade into two equal parts as if acting like a diameter of a circle.  the other half stays on the tiles with the intent of hiding shits of seagulls, carcasses of flies. inside pendulums of spiders sparkling with the remnants of the noon sun, piles of dust, old versions of loneliness… and you! slender, your long legs, soft belly, your heart pounding in your body, your hairy, dark nostrils… suddenly you sink in your frisky claws in my nape. i struggle desperately:

kiss and kill me! kiss and kill me!

time flies by. window fringe turning into a beam to be tangent to the circle shaped shade. i make sense out of deepening dark, ever thickening belly of this clumsy guitar that i don’t have the heart to abandon, dolly birds, haunting sights of candlesticks… in a while the sun that bathed the hollow navel of the antenna will descend from the roof, and it is going to be replaced by the flapping sounds of the night butterflies. just started swimming of the head, sweating, exuviating… is it love? rescue knobs at the tips of your breasts! death: poisonous spurge of the mouth with no palate! sending away seagulls, i draw curtains:

kiss and kill me! kiss and kill me!

By İlyas Tunç (Translated from Turkish  by Mesut Şenol)