If touching doesn’t cause sensation, it means that antenna have been insensible. Then, diognosis of perception disappears and meaninglessness takes its place. Meaning is the only thing which gives joy to life: Knowing what is what! As thought, antennas don’t give joy, but knowledge.

            Although ants distiguish leaf louses and dust motes, they can’t transform it into knowledge. If so, they don’t feel joy, either.

            I am not an ant!

            I must shake off the laziness of muscles, and now I am walking through the plants in the garden: Ferns, snapdragons, belladones… Touch me, touch me, says a voice. I’m going and touching: It is you that I touched!

            Touching removes distance. At the moment when distance is removed, contemplating comes to the end, and bodies touch each other in fire of love. You! My  excitant woman! The rhythm of your kisses allures me and your buttocks… I keep your name as a secret. If I cry it out, taboos can be broken down. Words have a power of sharing. I want nobody to enter in our garden to join the songs of our bodies. The whole magic is on the edges of our fingers. Caress me with you fingers. Otherwise, our love songs will turn into a noise.

            You are like a deeply detailed book that I get drowned in its pages. If I leave you, don’t feel upset. I am the cause of impotence. Find a new partner, or caress yourself. The most dreadful disease is leprosy.

            It is love what heals wounds.

İlyas TUNÇ

Translated Turkish by Leonard Durso